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Brownknight EcoResource LLC​

Monarch Caterpillar on Common Milkweed

We're dedicated to providing cost-effective, proven methods to meet your land, water, & wildlife management goals.

What We Offer

Our goal 

is to provide cost effective, proven methods to meet your land, water, and wildlife management goals.

We utilize best management practices and an adaptive management approach to meet project goals and objectives.



Jason Brownknight, Owner/Operator, Brownknight EcoResource LLC

Jason is a professional ecologist with over fifteen years experience working in the Greater Cincinnati Region and throughout southern Ohio. Jason earned his Master's degree in Physical Geography from Ohio University with a focus on landscape ecology and bio-geography. His Master's thesis is entitled, "Spatial distribution of freshwater mussels (Unionidae) in Ohio Brush Creek, southern Ohio". Jason's primary areas of expertise include; habitat restoration and management, habitat assessments and species inventories, conservation planning, invasive species management, watershed planning, pollinator habitat creation, and native landscape design. 


Gary Conley, Owner/Operator, Green Reach LLC

Mr. Conley is a landscape ecologist with nearly 20 years of technical and analytical expertise in ecological management. Mr. Conley focuses on implementing, improving, and promoting best management practices. He utilizes geographic information systems (GIS) employing complex spatial analyses to provide comprehensive and adaptive management solutions.